issue 03: goodbye twenty nineteen

as time goes on...

it seems the older we get, the quicker time flies.
but time does not change—
only we do


i want to be less apologetic
for who i am becoming

do we want to be hindered by
regrets, or
motivated by

this little corner of my 2019 goals has been neglected since my february issue, which happened to coincide with the launch of Diverging Magazine & taking on a role there as Liturgy editor. i guess overseeing two seasonal series for Lent and Advent, and sixteen Liturgy pieces would get in the way of personal writing time...

while it feels defeating that i have failed at my goal of producing a monthly newsletter this year, i am resolute that 2019 has been a success in learning what i can and cannot handle in the limited time, energy, and resources within my grasp. an important lesson i am learning is that setting concrete goals and a plan is not sufficient enough to maintain discipline, and i need (non-fundamentalist) accountability to keep me on track. i am excited for writing friends that will bug & remind me to stay on track!


new life development: in other news, i have discovered a newfound love for cats and kitties, thanks to this guy (see below for the unfiltered, CUTEST KITTY PHOTO). despite a severe allergy to felines, bam bam has shown me what loyalty, dedication, solidarity, and a lot of selfishness (needs to be petted, all! the! time!) can do to change a girl’s mind. my life has been altered forever, and i now admire and fawn over cats everywhere.

i hope y’all stick with me in 2020 as i try to get my shit together and further develop my writing.

cheers to the mess, and onward?


~moodboard~ of some favorite snapshots from this year

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