issue 02: 老鼠愛大米

who is the mouse and who is the rice?!!?!?!?

you are the only one
i want to go to
delancey & eldrige

who am i
you spoil me
beyond my expectations
and my every need

who else
will know
when i need to
drink a glass?

i cannot see you
but i miss
the way
you see right through me

your warmth
is never
more than a
lyft away


happy 情人節 / valentine’s day eve!

all my close friends know i hate cheesy sh*t and romance in general, ESPECIALLY the overly romantic oversharing on social media kind (excuse me while i puke in the corner). i just have a real aversion to showing public displays of affection for my loved ones. in efforts to connect with my 心 (since it is literally my namesake), i decided to write a few poems for people i love! so gross, but i have to admit it was kind of fun to spend some time thinking about why i love the people in my life. love is important. and i appreciate those in my life who offer me their love.

!!! reader response opportunity: since i made the object of each poem a mystery, i would love to get YOUR best guesses on who exactly each poem corresponds to. reply to this email with your responses + i will gift the first 3 people who get more than one poem correct with a belated valentine’s card.

love, 以心

Some Things I Love:

no pie can compare to
peetee’s, my one and only

i am learning to be a plant mama
the trees holding space over me
their branches keeping watch over me